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MinistryCOM provides resources, training, support and consulting to church and non-profit communications professionals.

It was started entirely by accident.

I’ve spent my whole life working with churches. I grew up in the church, and my father worked for a charitable non-profit. So when I started my web design business it was only natural that many of our clients were churches and non-profits.

Working with both commercial and non-profit clients, I was often frustrated by the quality of marketing  or “communications” efforts by churches. We tried to teach our clients some best practices from the commercial world – ie. stock photos instead of clip art. But it was often a huge learning curve.

In 2005, I was talking to several ministry leaders around the country, trying to find out what communications resources were available. Specifically, I asked what conferences church communications people attended.

Four people in a row (from four different cities) gave me the exact same answer “I don’t know of anything like that, but if you find one, please tell me about it.”

So we agreed to host the first MinistryCOM conference. I hoped to get 25 or 30 people together, assuming most would be friends and clients, and we could talk about how hard our jobs are, take some fellowship time, and go back to work.

Apparently God had other ideas. With only word of mouth advertising we had 124 people show up for the first conference in Houston. Only about 12 of them were friends or clients of mine. They came from  over a dozen states. Everyone was thrilled to have a place to meet other church communications folks.

Over the next few years we produced six national conferences drawing attendees from across the US, Canada and Europe. God brought us partners from incredible churches and vendors.

With the changes in the economy, we are no longer producing national events. We are focusing more on regional and local events and web-based resources. This site contains material from many of the workshops presented at past events, and more new material developed during our years of working with highly effective churches.

Whether you are new to church communications and are looking for basic training, or you are an old hand just looking for a few new ideas, MinistryCOM has resources for you.

I don’t claim to be the brains behind most of this knowledge, God has just used me as the custodian who collects these ideas from various people and brings them together in one place. Please feel free to join the conversation and share your knowledge and best practices with our community.

In Him,

Terrell Sanders
Main Street Enterprises