November Discussion Topic: Best Practices

What are your church communications best practices? What tips and tricks can you recommend to others that help make your job manageable? To start off, here are two we have collected from successful church communications teams: 1. Standardize your aspect ratios 2. Develop a style guide Your turn now. Go to our Facebook page and […]

We’re back!

I’ve kinda let the MinistryCOM ball drop for a while as I focused on my day job and getting my wife out of grad school. But now it’s time to try to get this group active again, at least in the virtual sense. MinistryCOM provides education, support, and networking opportunities to church communications professionals. (don’t […]

NACBA Communications FASTTRACK – July 12, 2013

Come join us at the special communications track during the NACBA’s national conference! NACBA is pleased to announce the FASTTRACK-–COMMUNICATION program for 2013, bringing specialized training to church professionals in communications. This day-long intensive held during the NACBA general conference is focused on bringing education, resources, and networking opportunities to communications professionals. What is your […]

An open letter to pastors and ministry leaders: For almost two decades, I have helped churches across the US and Canada with communications consulting and training. I work with churches that have incredibly effective communications, and others that struggle to publish the sermon notes each week. From this experience, I have discovered one easy, free […]

New resources posted

I have posted all the recordings from the MinistryCOM 2010 conference in Dallas. Look in the Resources area for audio and slides from these sessions. Don’t miss my personal favorite: Designing Usable Websites, aka. Everything I know about good web design I learned from the airport. (sorry, shameless self-promotion).

Standardize your aspect ratios

Want to make your life easier, save time and money, and maybe even improve the quality of your communications? Then next time you redesign your website or publications — try to standardize your image aspect ratios. What is an aspect ratio? The aspect ratio of a photo (or any graphic) is the ratio of the […]

Five things you should NOT have on your website

For many organizations, the website was completed years ago and nobody in the company really looks at it any more. You know it’s probably not up to date, but there’s never time to redo a website. But your customers do see it, and even more frightening, your prospects more than likely viewed your site before […]

MinistryCOM resources now on Youtube

We have released most of our old conference keynote videos and past webcasts to Youtube. Some of this content has previously only been available with DVD purchases, but we are trying to move everything to free public access now. Check out our Youtube channel at Many of our older resources are only available in […]

West Coast Church Communications Seminar – Feb 5, 2013

We are presenting a one day seminar on effective church communications in Redlands CA on February 5, 2013. Regular price is $49 per person, but as a MinistryCOM subscriber we will give you the partner price of $39 per person. Details…

Church Communications Handbook – we need your help

One of our goals for 2013 is to get our church communications training consolidated into a book. In this book we also want to include profiles of successful churches and how they organize and manage their communications. We need your help for this. We need profiles from as many churches as possible for our book. […]